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African Eagle Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. is an authorized financial services provider FSP No 35491, a leading Short Term Insurance Brokerage specializing in a niche market for Motorcycle Insurance, Personal Lines (household) and Commercial Insurance for more than 10 years.

African Eagle is proud to have partnered with Mercury administrator as our administration-underwriting manager to assist African Eagle with administration. Added to this strong team, we have secured a strong strategic relationship with our insurer Old Mutual Insure.

We continue to succeed because we understand that all our clients are unique and that the products we offer through our dedicated broker services need to match your expectations, and more importantly that we and our claims administration partners, provide a world class service in your time of need. African Eagle, has spent 10 years building the closest business relationships with many insurance company professionals to ensure your peace of mind, after all this is why you insure.

Our very unique bespoke Harley-Davidson Insurance Services Licensed program puts African Eagle in a class of it’s own.  African Eagle is the only officially appointed Harley-Davidson Trademark, Administration & Marketing Licensee in South Africa for the exclusively designed HARLEYINSURANCE™ products which can be acquired at all participating Harley-Davidson dealerships in SA or from African Eagle directly, be sure to check these excellent benefits out under our services icon.

African Eagle is geared to broker all other motorcycle brands, it comes naturally for us as we really understand the riding culture and what you require to enjoy pertinent insurance benefits.

Important Industry facts for clarity

 African Eagle Financial Services is an intermediary (Brokerage) we source Short Term Insurance product for you and manage your portfolio. Mercury Administrator is an Underwriting manager – Administrator managing claims, policy wording, and renewals on instruction from African Eagle as your broker we are your insurance point of contact.

Old Mutual Insure is an Insurer and the ultimate owner of a policy placed with them. The insurer is ultimately responsible for its agents (Brokers & Administrators / UMA’S conduct.)

Policyholders often get confused and think that underwriting managers / admin houses are Insurers or Brokers which they are not.

The FAIS Act separated each Financial Service provider to manage individual roles with individual responsibilities, in order for the industry to Treat Customers Fairly.

Once you select African Eagle as your broker and we incept your policy with the Insurer for Personal lines, commercial or Motorcycle insurance risk this actually concludes your insurance agreement between African Eagle and the Insurer directly. African Eagle is your point of contact.

Administrators or as they are commonly known UMA’s (Underwriting Managers) are appointed as agents by Insurers and utilized by brokers to assist with claims, vary and renew policy wording on behalf of an Insurer, acting mainly on instruction from the broker who services you the client.

Our Services

What we offer

Motorcycle Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance and Value added product benefits for all brands
Riding Leathers, Boots, Helmets, Gloves etc.
Personal Lines
Personal Lines Insurance (Household) and Value added products (Roadside assistance included as a VAS your policy.)
Commercial lines
Commercial lines Insurance, Buildings, Industrial, and Body corporate products, business insurance
Benefits of


We insure

  • Adventure/ Dual sport bikes
  • Choppers / Custom bikes
  • Scooters
  • Dirt / Trail bikes
  • Three Wheelers
  • Cruisers
  • Touring bikes
  • Naked bikes
  • Off roads/ Scramblers
  • Quad bikes / ATV’s
  • Delivery bikes

We cover

  • Track days – for approved track schools
  • Off road use for Off road & Adventure sport bikes
  • Retail value for motorcycles listen on TransUnion
  • Agreed value for motorcycles not listed on TransUnion based on valuation
  • Wear & Tear tyre cover on selected motorcycle classes

We offer

  • An insurance policy designed with the rider in mind
  • A variety of value-added products to suit your needs
  • A hands-on approach to claims & underwriting specific motorcycles
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